Thursday, 27 December 2012


Bosszurich is a True Holy Founder of GOOD QUAKER SOCIETY OF GOOD FRIENDS TREASURY (GQSOFT)(FOR GOOD FRIENDS ONLY and making human become good human) in whole world through Internet.Bosszurich is the first human being who can spin at surface of water.The main point of this society is to help human to solve their problem through Internet as GOD given to human by TRUE HOLY SPIRITUAL OF GOOD HUMAN WHO DIE MANY YEARS AGO to help human to change their life style stop smoking,stop drinking alcoholic or any drinks which can cause drunk,stop sexual desire,stop bad behavour,stop taking drugs unless for medication only,and many kind of human problem.Please signup at
Beside we learn how to make money and we already become member of GOD protect us to become good,to make a good living as we shall eat good food only and have every good will we still alive,good without problem,to really understand good shall have no pain.There are many years to go through since GOOD QUAKER SOCIETY OF GOOD FRIENDS TREASURY 
(GQSOFT)(FOR GOOD FRIENDS ONLY)just been found and i hopefully GOD will guide human through Internet to really build it successfully to help human to live a longer life to receive prosper,prosperous,healthy,wealthy adequate of money,peaceful,good omen,divination,approval,support,guiding sponsorship,patronage,favourable,propitious,favour by good fortune,life success,tranquil,calm,undisturbed,safe,protected every moment everyday till become centenarian.Hopefully in GOD hereby Bosszurish is poor at this moment asking GOD to guide rich human who have lots of money read through this Bosszurich word and hopefully may donate some money at or ACCOUNT NUMBER:102055112404 
If donate from USA then must provide
and if you are generous to donate then i shall call upon GOOD GOD to protect you and your family till become future centenarian and if you TRUST my words then i shall transform all good word into your body which contain all THE TRUE HOLY MAGICAL ONLY APPEAR GOODS in your whole life for you and your family to use and to be very sure I am from GOOD GOD knows of this donation and will start to help you and your family.If FRIENDS want to buy AROWANA fishes may email
I truly love you very much from my sincere heart for your help reciprocate by GOD of many good things and good words to serve daily life to have good feeling whatsoever we do at everymoment everyday and forever.We want GOODS and we will have GOODS in confident.IT's DISNEY LIFE WORLD OF SUCCESS FOR allFRIENDS who reads BOSSZURICH GOOD WOODS will receive WEALTHY,CALM,PEACEFUL,PROTECTED and many GOOD WORDS.

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